About Us

We are a husband and wife-led team with extensive experience in Medical Device Manufacturing and Enterprise Software Implementations. Our service offerings are representative of the areas we exceled in our own careers, and which enabled us to build a world-class Medical Device company. Having successfully transitioned company operations to the management team, we are now perfectly positioned to offer our services to other startup and growth-stage businesses.

Our Values

For us, successful business relationships are built on three values. These values guide our decisions and provide a firm foundation for our collaborative relationships.

Earn Trust [] Build Partnerships [] Serve the Greater Good

Our Team

Our consulting firm consists of a husband and wife-led team leading a scalable group of technical and project management consultants.

  • Kadie Ray

    Kadie Ray


    Eight years of critical systems implementation experience, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) Enterprise Health System software implementations. Over 6 years of business management and client/account management experience. Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin - Madison (Go Badgers!)

  • Adam Ahmad

    Adam Ahmad


    Seven years of executive leadership experience as President and CEO of a growth-stage Medical Device Manufacturing company. Over 11 years of business management and quality management experience. Over 20 years of engineering experience, as well as startup and growth-stage business experience. Bachelor of Science from the University of Minnesota - Institute of Technology.

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Just wanted to pass along some project manager feedback. Kadie is exceptional and I miss her attention to detail and professionalism. - VP of Engineering at Startup Medical Device Company

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